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25+ Division MSBL

Team W L %
NWA X-Tinct (1) 17 0 1.000
NWA White Sox (3) 13 6 0.684
Arkansas Cardinals (2) 11 7 0.611
Bentonville Dodgers (4) 7 9 0.438
NWA Wingnuts (5) 3 11 0.214
Arkansas Braves (6) 1 18 0.053


September 13, 2015 PLAYOFFS

White Sox 10  Cardinals 0

Braves 5  White Sox 15

Super day for baseball in the low 70's at game time. Earlier in the season, the Braves gave the White Sox an early test with their overtly young lineup and so for that reason, I pleaded with my team to not look past them to the stacked Cardinals squad with whom we split this season and were outscored by double-digits in our series.  The message was clear as the White Sox plated 6 of the first 7 batters to set the tone.  3 more runs in the second frame and 5 more in the next three completed the scoring.  With that, the offensive highlights were plenty:  Nick Wheeler (1-1, 2R, BB), Matt Villines (1-2, 2R, 2RBI, BB, SB, SAC, K), Dakota Brissey (2-2, 3R, 2B, RBI, BB, HBP), Andy Miller (2-3, R, 2B, SAC, 2RBI), Brad Hughes (2-3, R), Gregg Rollins (1-2, R, HBP), Patrick Taliaferro (1-3, 2B, 3RBI), and Will Smith (2-2, 2R, HBP, SB).  Dakota Brissey gets the win on the mound in his three innings fanning 5 Brave batters with only 2 hits, 3BB, and three ER.  Dustin Wilson gets the save in his three innings of work with a line: 4K, 1ER, 2BB.

So, it was down to the parity game to decide who would get to play one more versus the mighty X-Tinct at Arvest Ball Park for the Championship.  The Cardinals were afforded the bye in round one based on run differential against the White Sox.  But, as discussed, that might have been a slight disadvantage.  Most of our game days have been part of a double-header and it sure seemed that we always played better in the second game...we were game-acclimated, ready and fueled.  Coach Patrick Taliaferro focused the team early by getting the best hitters in the line up and the best defensive line up possible.  We knew the Cardinals would go with pitcher Trent Fonville who stiffled the White Sox hitters in the last meeting.  The Sox bats were still hot from the early game and plated 5 of the first 6 batters not only chasing Fonville from the game, but also making for a pretty difficult lead for the Cardinals to overcome.  Chris Gatling came in to relieve Fonville.  Gatling also had his share of success against the White Sox and that proved true for the next three innings where the Sox couldn't muster another run.  However, in the 5th inning with the score still 5-0, The Sox again plated 5 more runs on Andy Miller's dramatic 3-run home run and Patrick Taliaferro's RBI single scoring the decisive 10th run.  If the White Sox defense could just hold the Cardinals in the bottom of the frame, it would be a very incredulous win and ticket to the Championship game.  That's where game-hero, Matt Villines comes in.  Villines took the rare older-than-25-year-old start and the plan was to ride him as long as his arm would hold up and successes followed.  Villines didn't allow a run or a meaningful hit the entire game.  Despite a few runners in scoring position, it was superb defensive plays by Brad Hughes, Nick Wheeler, and Brent Smith that held them on the paths.  The offense was sparked by:  Andy Miller (2-3, 2R, HR, 4RBI), Dustin Wilson (2-3, 2R, 2RBI, K), Brad Hughes (1-1, 2R, RBI, 2BB), Patrick Taliaferro (2-3, R, RBI, K), Nick Wheeler (0-1, RBI, 2BB, SB), and Matt Villines (0-1, 2R, BB, HBP, SB).--Stephen Boudreaux, White Sox


August 29-30, 2015

White Sox 16 Braves 0
Braves 3 White Sox 12
Beautiful weather for make up games. The White Sox were not only beat up with a few nagging injuries (two arm contusions, a pulled hamstring, a sprained ankle, a bum shoulder, a hip-flexer, and the other normal pains), but were also missing key ingredients to a competitive lineup. Missing four of the top 5 hitters on this day as well as missing two guys that can catch and two guys that can pitch. We decided that since we couldn't catch the Cardinals in the standings no matter what we did, we would just have fun. We started out short players with just 8 at game start. Former Diamond Hawg, Austin Williams, who was called on by the Braves to be an extra ended up being an extra for us since they had 12 guys. We had two guys show late, but Austin was gracious enough to stick around and stay in the lineup. Turns out that "having fun" was an effective way of being motivated as the Sox jumped out quick scoring 12 runs in the first two innings of the first game to cruise to a shortened 16-0 win. Dakota Brissey gets the W for the Sox in his 3 innings of work shutting down the Braves with 7 Ks, 1H, 1BB (who was immediately picked off) facing only 11 batters. Andy Miller cleaned up the final two frames with 4K, 1H (to that same guy). 17 batters faced-11 Ks = W. Offensive key players: Brent Smith (2-2, 3R, BB, 2 @ 2B, RBI), Dave Smith (3-3, 3R, 2B, 3RBI), Dustin Wilson (3-3, 2R, 2RBI), Andy Miller (2-2, 2R, BB), Stephen Boudreaux (2-3, 2R, 2RBI).
In game two, the contest was a little tighter with the score 4-3 through 5 innings. Dustin Wilson pitched well in the first three innings striking out 6 batters giving up three hits and walking only two. Thanks to some great defense and some clutch relays by Keith Nicholson, the Braves couldn't plate their closest threat. However, the guys wanted to see the knuckleball from the old man. In the fourth, Stephen Boudreaux entered the game and got two quick outs on a dribbler to short and a pop up. The next batter reached on a fly ball that might have been caught had Dave Smith not pulled a hamstring en route. Two controversial hit batsmen later (55 MPH knucks are usually easy to avoid if you move), and a pair of errors and the Braves plated three runs. Boudreaux coerced the leadoff hitter to pop out to center to end the threat. Dave Smith came in to relieve in the 5th, but the pulled hamstring limited his outing despite getting two of three outs in his lone inning by K. Stalwart, Andy Miller, once again gets the save by pitching the last two frames striking out 5 Brave batters. The game ended on a nifty play by Keith Nicholson to Dustin Wilson's fully laid out glove at first...toe affixed to the bag. Our guest, Austin Williams, quietly led the offense (4-4), followed by Dakota Brissey (3-3, 3R), and Keith Nicholson (2-2, 3R, HBP, BB).--Stephen Boudreaux, White Sox

August 22-23, 2015

games PP rain

August 15-16, 2015

White Sox 5  Dodgers 1

August 9, 2015

White Sox 8  Cardinals 2
Cardinals 7  White Sox 2


August 2, 2015

White Sox 9  X-Tinct 14
X-Tinct 14  White Sox 2


July 26, 2015

White Sox 11  Wingnuts 1

Wingnuts 0  White Sox 18

I have been ridiculously busy this season and had not much time to submit my own game reports, but I feel terrible week in and week out that I don't.  I feel like my guys deserve recognition whether they see it posted here or not.  I wouldn't trade any of them for any other player in the league regardless of skill level. They are the reason I keep subjecting myself to the strikes against me continuing to play baseball each season...age, atrophy, loss of strength, eye sight diminishing, drama, etc.  That said, this past weekend was a scorcher for certain.  Although the temperatures were about 91 to 95, the humidity was almost 100% which created an index of like 800F.  Having heard of three umpires and two other players going down the previous day, we stayed hydrated, but STILL lost a player to heat stroke. 

In game one, Chris Huebner and David Smith combined for a dandy 3-hit 1-run outing in 5 innings with 5Ks.  Offensive came in droves at times highlighted by 2-3 outings each from Patrick Taliaferro and Stephen Boudreaux with Brad Hughes going 2-2 with an HBP and 2R.  Chris Huebner also added 1-1,2R, HBP, SAC, and RBI in his three plate appearances.  Game two was more of the same with David Smith getting the start after his short innings in game one.  Smith pitched another two with only one hit, no runs, and 3K.  Matt Villines relieved for the next two innings by striking out the three batters faced in the top of the third.  After walking the first batter in the 4th and a rare error at first to get the second batter on, the defense turned pickoff "hidden ball" on the first runner and then picked off Joe Don Dawes at third base on his attempt to retire the threat.  Andy Miller closed out the game by striking out the side in the 5th to end the effort with a 1-hit shutout.  Offensively, there were some fireworks from the Sox especially in the lengthy bottom of the 4th...the Sox plated 10 runners in the frame.  Highlights from the White Sox offense:  Chris Huebner (3-4, HR, 2R, RBI), Brad Hughes (2-2, 3R, 2BB, 3B, RBI), Matt Villines (2-4,2R, 2B, HR, 4RBI), Andy Miller (2-4, R, HR, 3RBI, K), Gregg Rollins (1-1, 2R, 2BB), Will Smith (1-2, R, HR, RBI, K).--Stephen Boudreaux, White Sox


July 18, 2015

White Sox 6  Braves 5

Braves 2  White Sox 25


July 11, 2015

White Sox 5  Dodgers 15

Dodgers 2  White Sox 3

June 28, 2015

White Sox 3  Cardinals 13

Cardinals 9  White Sox 12

June 21, 2015

White Sox 4  X-Tinct 11

X-Tinct version:

NWA X-Tinct jumped out to an early lead on Whitesox and captured an 11-4 victory on Sunday at Bentonville Phillips three.  Five runs in the first three innings allowed NWA X-Tinct to put the game away early. An RBI single by Jared Scott in the second inning supplied the early offense for NWA X-Tinct.
Ryan Paskiewicz racked up four RBIs on two hits for NWA X-Tinct. He homered in the third inning and singled in the seventh inning.  Nick Reed got the win for NWA X-Tinct. He pitched four shutout innings. Reed struck out six, walked three and gave up three hits.  NWA X-Tinct pushed across four runs in both the third inning and the sixth. In the third, NWA X-Tinct scored on a three-run home run by Paskiewicz, bringing home Jose Cueto and Eric Smith.  Three runs in the top of the fifth helped Whitesox close its deficit to 5-3. An RBI single by Rollins and a two-run double by Will Smith set off Whitesox rally. NWA X-Tinct stopped the rally after Jacob Koch got Villines to fly out.  NWA X-Tinct scored four runs of its own in the sixth. NWA X-Tinct scored on a two-run double by Dillon Kates, an RBI single by Casey Benicosa.
NWA X-Tinct built upon its lead with two runs in the seventh. Paskiewicz kicked things off with a single, bringing home Cueto.--Corey Campbell, X-Tinct

June 14, 2015

White Sox 14  Wingnuts 6

Wingnuts 2  White Sox 9 (sus top 4)



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