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18+ Champion-NWACC Eagles

18+ Runner Up- Red Rockets

25+ Champion-NWA X-Tinct

25+ Runner Up - NWA White Sox


18+ Open Divison MABL


Team W L %    
NWACC Eagles 7 0 1.000 6 1
Fayetteville Red Rockets 0 7 0.000 0 7

25+ Division MSBL


Team W L %    
NWA X-Tinct  (1) 14 1 0.933 3 1
NWA White Sox  (3) 11 5 0.688 1 0
Bentonville Dodgers  (2) 11 6 0.647 0 1
West Beech Browns  (5) 9 8 0.529 0 2
Bentonville Orioles  (4) 9 7 0.562 0 0
Fayetteville Cardinals (6) 4 13 0.235 0 0
Arkansas Royals (7) 3 12 0.200 0 2
NWA Wingnuts  (8) 3 12 0.200 4 0


September 15, 2013

NWAMSBL Championship Game @ Arvest Ball Park

White Sox 5  X-Tinct 12

Sunday, it was the Brett Reynolds show at Arvest Ball Park in Springdale, AR.  These two teams did not have a chance to meet in the regular season so it seemed fitting that they meet in the final.  The X-Tinct had dominated league play from start to finish posting a 14-1 record going into the championship game.  The White Sox on the other hand, had struggled at times in the latter half dropping 4 out of 5 games down the stretch, but managed to muster up the personnel and wherewithal to avenge an earlier loss to the Dodgers to advance to Arvest Ball Park.  The White Sox started their hard-throwing guy, Matt Mozzoni.  Mozzoni kept things in relative reach with the score 5-2 going into the 5th inning when the wheels started to come off a bit with X-Tinct 3-hole slugger, Eric Smith roping a triple in the first at-bat of the inning.  The White Sox thought they would get out of the inning on a circus-type double-play started by second baseman, Phil McClure, pickling the runner at home which ended in the first out and then catcher, Jason Christner, relaying back to second starting another pickle on the runner at third for the double-play.  Unfortunately for the Sox and Mozzoni, the next 5 batters reached resulting in three more runs and a big deficit.  In the top of the 6th, the White Sox were down 8-2.  Seth White and Brad Hughes both reached on singles.  White scored on Tim Hooper's RBI single and Andy Miller followed up with a walk.  It looked like the White Sox were going to have "their" inning with a chance to plate three more runs on Chris Huebner's line shot to right, but as fate would tell, the X-Tinct right fielder, who took his first two steps in, somehow turned and leapt for the snow-cone catch to out Huebner and double-up Miller who was running on contact.  It figured to be the last hope for the White Sox despite plating two more runs in the 8th...Reynolds proved too strong striking out the side in the top of the ninth.  Reynolds' winning line was 9inCG, 5R, 5ER, 11H, 3BB, 11K.  Mozzoni's line was 5in, 8R, 5ER, 9H, 4BB, 4K in the losing effort.  Andy Miller, who came in to relieve the last three innings:  3in, 4R, 3ER, 4H, 2BB, HBP, 3K.  Offensively, the X-Tinct were led by Eric Smith (3-4, 3R, 2B, 3B, RBI), and Kasey Campbell (3-4, 2R, 3B, HR, BB, 4RBI).  The White Sox were led offensively by Seth White (3-4, 2R, RBI),  Brad Hughes (2-3, R, BB), and Albert Swann (2-4, R, 2K).  --Stephen Boudreaux, White Sox


September 8, 2013

2013 NWAMSBL Playoffs

Rd1  Cardinals 5  White Sox 18

Rd 2  White Sox 6  Dodgers 2

The White Sox and Cardinals had just played each other a week ago and each knew the others' strengths and weaknesses.  We knew the Cardinals could hit and gave up 10 runs to them the last time.  What we could not guarantee is whether we could just simply out-score them to emerge victorious.  The Sox offense has been up-and-down this season.  Fortunately, the offense showed up again in fine form led by old-school new-comer, Brad Hughes (3-4, 2R, 2RBI), and work-horse, Albert Swann (3-3, 4R, 2B, 2BB, 4RBI), and Seth White (3-4, 5RBI, 2B, BB, K), and Jason Christner (2-4, 3R, 3RBI, HR, HBP).  Maybe most importantly was the work of starting pitcher, Chris Huebner and reliever, Dustin Wilson.  Combined their line was pretty solid (7inn, 5R, 4ER, 9H, 0BB, 3K, HBP...only 31 total plate appearances.)

The Dodgers beat the White Sox on a make-up Wednesday night game and as they were the #2 seed, we were quite a bit nervous going into this one.  Mostly in the form of our pitching and the Dodgers middle-of-the-order which featured Matt Garza who is one of the most pure hitters the league has seen in some years.  The last time we faced the Dodgers, we spotted them 6 runs in the first third inning of the game.  Seth White stymied the Dodgers in his 2 2/3 innings that previous game, so we thought it best to give him the start.  Seth proved stellar on this day as well (3inn, 1R, 1ER, 4H, K, BB) but left the game with the Dodgers up 1-0.  The White Sox left the bases loaded in the first with no outs and failed to score.  Two runners left on in the second.  One runner left on in the third...something had to give.  It was a "Sox inning" in the fourth with a single by Brad Huges, a rare walk by Stephen Boudreaux, and then a RBI double by Chris Huebner to tie the score at 1.  Mike Lopez scored Boudreaux on a single and Jason Christner drove in Huebner and Lopez on his base hit to the gap.  The Sox tacked on two more runs in the 5th and 6th frames to push the final score to 6-2.  Andy Miller, who has turned into this season's "ace" took it the rest of the way the last four innings with a great effort to keep that dangerous middle-of-the-order to only two meaningless hits (an RBI single by Eric Exner in the fourth and a double by Sergio Hernandez in the sixth) to earn the win.  Miller gave up only one other hit in four innings which was an infield pop fly in the 7th that landed between three fielders who all thought they "had it" for the final out of the game.  This was unfortunate for Dustin Wilson as the next batter fouled off his first pitch over the back stop and directly into Wilson's windshield shattering it like it seemed the Sox hopes were given the nature of it all.  As fortune goes, the fielder who made the deciding call on the dropped fly ball (Albert Swann) stayed true to his otherwise great defensive form and completed the 6-4 play on the batter's next pitch to end the game.  Offensive highlights from game 2:  Mike Lopez (2-3, R, 2RBI, BB, K), Tim Hooper (2-4, R), and Brad Hughes (3-4, R, RBI).--Stephen Boudreaux, White Sox.


August 28, 2013

White Sox 18  Cardinals 10

The Sox hadn't figured out how to rebound until tonight.  Got some of our regulars back despite still missing a couple and I think that helps.  Having Tim Hooper and Seth White in the lineup shores up our outfield by tons and they both contribute at the plate.  Pitching has been suspect lately in the Sox skid, but things settled down a bit tonight despite giving up a collective 10 runs to the solid-hitting Cardinals.  Most of the damage came early against starter, Chris Huebner, who gave up 5 runs in the first and left with the score tied.  Huebner has been worn to bits lately trying to carry the pitching load.  He will get some much needed rest this next week and a half.  Seth White came in for the next three innings holding the Cardinals to just two runs, but it was Matt Mozzoni who came back to true form over the next 5 innings with a line:  5inn, 3R, 2ER, 6H (scattered), 1BB, 0HBP, 10K.  Offensively...Andy Miller (3-3, 1R, RBI, 3B, BB), Matt Mozzoni (2-3, 1R, 2RBI, 3B), Tim Hooper (2-4, 4RBI, K), Jason Christner (3-4, 2R, 2RBI, BB), Brad "Sleeves" Hughes (3-5, 1R, RBI), and Matt Villines making a cool comeback at the plate (2-2, RBI, SB).  The White Sox face these same Cardinals in the first round of the playoffs and had better keep their dangerous bats cold or the outcome could be much different.--Stephen Boudreaux, White Sox


August 24-25, 2013

White Sox  16  Wingnuts 3

Wingnuts 16  White Sox 8


August 17-18, 2013

Browns 9  White Sox 8

White Sox 12  Browns 18

The White Sox have lost three straight for the first time since 2009.  The White Sox scored 24 runs in three games and still lost.  One common denominator in those three losses is that starting pitchers only threw a total of 2 innings in three games (1/3, 2/3, and 1).  Going to have to get these guys healthy if the White Sox stand ANY chance of a playoff run...  The Browns can hit the ball for sure and so can the Dodgers with balls compelled to the middle of the zone, but equally important to fix are some untimely errors or misplayed balls on defense.  Even a couple of base-running gaffs can kill rallies.  There were a few bright spots like Seth White's 5-7 day at the plate and Chris Huebner's continued offense (3-4, 2R, 2B, 2RBI, BB, SAC).  The Sox used 7 pitchers on the day (a new record) and only Andy Miller seemed to have much success (4in, 1R, 1ER, 3H, 1BB, 3K), but still was saddled with the loss in game one giving up the tie-break go-ahead run in the 6th.  Most important for the White Sox is that we have to fix our attitudes down to the player.  As my wife reminded me today after I called her moping following the loss, "You got to play baseball today, didn't you?"  She's absolutely right.  Losing always sucks especially when you are competitive, but the sheer joy of having the opportunity to (still) play the greatest game outweighs any of that pain.  Even writing this report at 1:00am, her words are resonating and each soreness in this old man's body is a "good-kinda-soreness."  There is no blame to be levied.  The opponent won fair enough.  It's not BUNWA's fault, it's not my teammates' fault...heck...it's not even MY fault.  We lost.  Shut yer mouth, kick some dirt and get me back in that batter's box ASAP! --Stephen Boudreaux, White Sox


August 14, 2013

Dodgers 11  White Sox 4


August 10-11, 2013

White Sox PP Dodgers PP rain

Dodgers PP  White Sox PP rain


August 3-4, 2013

White Sox PP  Cardinals PP rain

Cardinals PP  White Sox PP rain


July 27-28, 2013

White Sox 9  Orioles 7

Orioles 2  White Sox 4

Of course, I enjoy winning as much as the next guy, but with regard to baseball, I am not a fan of high scoring affairs and big blowouts.  I love a close game and tough competition.  The White Sox/Orioles matchup this weekend was good stuff.  Despite a few errors scattered about, there was great pitching and clutch hitting on both sides.  In game one, the Oriole middle-of-the-order was stellar going 8-14 with 5 doubles led by Lance Perrin with 3-3 3@2B!  Going to have to put a stop to that next time if the Sox stand any chance.  The White Sox were equal to the task with some key performances by Dustin Wilson (2-4, 2R, 3RBI, 2 HR, 2K), Albert Swann (3-4, 2R, RBI, SB), and Jason Christner (2-3, R, RBI, 2B).  Chris Huebner got another start and maintained the damage, but had to age out with the game still in question.  Phil McClure took over on the hill and despite the Oriole onslaught, his numbers were good enough to hold on for the win (4inn, 2R, 0ER, 5H, 2BB, 1HBP, 2K).  Key moments of the game with the White Sox with the game tied at 6 going into the 5th inning...Andy Miller gets on with a single and Jason Christner moves him over to third with a double.  Stephen Boudreaux plates the go-ahead run with a SAC fly to deep center.  The Orioles plate an unearned run in the bottom of the 5th to make it a one-run game.  Dustin Wilson closes the door on the Orioles with a two-run homer in the top of the 6th.  The Orioles threatened in the bottom of the 7th, but Chris Huebner's stellar cross-body zip from third to first to get Mike Cherry (who was 3-3 up to that point) to end the game was a dugout clearer for the White Sox.

Game two was a different sort of game with excellent pitching performances by both sides with the White Sox staff of Dustin Wilson and Andy Miller besting the stalwart Oriole aces, Lance Perrin and Trent Fonville..  Wilson got the start and pitched a line; 4inn, 2R, 1ER, 3H, 5BB (uncharacteristic), 1HBP, 4K enough to get the win leaving the game with a 3-2 lead.  But it was an astonishing power performance by Andy Miller to get the save.  Miller's line was 3inn, 0R, 0ER, 2H, 1BB, 0HBP, 6K.  Reducing the doubles count by the Orioles from 5 to 2 was a great improvement and the Oriole midde-of-the-order this time was 2-13 with 0 doubles.  That's a great adjustment for our pitching staff.  And 10Ks on a team like that is awesome.  The White Sox offense was lead by Chris Huebner (3-3, R, 2@2B), Brad Hughes (2-2, R, 2RBI), and Seth White (hitting in the 11-hole!) (1-2, RBI)--Stephen Boudreaux, White Sox


July 20-21, 2013

White Sox PP  X-Tinct PP rain

X-Tinct PP  White Sox PP rain


July 13-14, 2013

White Sox 19  Royals 2 (5 in)

Royals 8  White Sox 20

It was a stellar weather day for baseball at the new Farmington Sports Complex.  I really like this facility and hope we can continue this relationship with them and start to incorporate some field prep.  Once we chewed up the hardened infield a bit with our spikes, the playing surface was pretty good.  The porch and outfield are both short (in a typical Farmington way), but it played well.  The Royals pulled one of our tricks and showed up a little short-handed, but we saw a lot of familiar faces including a few of the old Cubs.   Being the returning league champions, the Royals commanded our respect regardless and glad we got the games in.  Chris Huebner got the game one start as is becoming par and he did not disappoint going 3in, 2R, 0ER, 2H, 0BB, 2HBP, 5K good enough to earn a win in a run-rule shortened game.  The Royals sent Jacob Koch to the hill and he has historically given the White Sox fits.  Seth White set the tone of the day by stroking a solid double to the fence on the second pitch of the game.  Phil McClure plated White on a SAC fly to go up 1-0.  I predicted a tough game the rest of the way until Andy Miller started the 2nd inning with a home run, Stephen Boudreaux took a rare walk and he and Jason Christner scored on Huebner's double and by the third inning, it was over with the Sox plating the first 9 batters of the inning.  Final 19-2.  Phil McClure and Dustin Wilson close out the game on the mound not giving up a run or walk on only 2 hits.  Stats get kinda gaudy from that point on so I will move on to game two...

Rookie Caleb Kelley gets the ball for the start of game two just as the Royals started getting a little more comfortable at the plate.  But Kelley kept them at bay striking out 3 over 2 innings and only giving up 2ER.  The game was 5-3 White Sox after three innings, but the White Sox onslaught was coming again as everyone in the dugout was having a great time almost in spite of the game.  It's the best part about MSBL baseball and the real reason I show up for every game despite the required sacrifices on time, energy, finances, and health.  The Royals started Tom Cisar on the hill and he pitched well until the start of the second inning.  Boudreaux (I'm using the third person here) started it off with an even more rare double and after the bases were loaded behind him, second year (ever) man, Nick Coe got an HBP RBI which is awesome.  Seth White also got an HBP RBI, Tim Hooper followed with a fielder's choice and Jason Christner cleaned the bases with a double.  The Royals turned to old Cub, Justin Ledbetter (who is a hard-throwing baller who plays a mean short stop for a guy his size), but the Sox weren't done hitting and put up 11 runs on him before the day was done. Final 20-8. For this game, Seth White (2-2, 3RBI, 2B, HR, 2HBP), Stephen Boudreaux (3-5, 3R, 2@2B), Albert Swann (2-2, 4R, BB, 2HBP-a nasty hematoma on his forearm), Patrick Taliaferro (3-5, 3R, 4RBI, 2@2B, K) and most impressively, on the entire day, Chris Huebner (6-7, 2R, 11RBI, 2@2B, 3B coming off the bench).  I am fairly sure that the Royals, like last season, will come back at the end of the year with a completely different squad that we saw today and challenge for the title again.  Just hoping the White Sox keep up the fun and camaraderie. --Stephen Boudreaux, White Sox


June 28-29, 2013

White Sox  12  Wingnuts 6

Wingnuts 1  White Sox 8

I have no idea how it could be sub 70 degrees on June 29th in Arkansas, but we will take it over having EVERY weekend last season pushing 100 degrees.  And somehow, it seems on days as nice as this, we get a full roster to show up.  All 18 guys.  I actually prefer it that way, but dang...I wish we had 18 guys when it's 100 degrees and a double-header.  Maybe that might happen.  The White Sox (who only had 9 players by our second game last week) had an opportunity to finally see all of our roster at work.  We have seen most of the new guys now, but some of our returning players are finally coming out of the off-season.  Seth White picked up right where he left off from last year going 3-3 in the first game and logging a 9-3 put-out, so we are glad to have him back.  Matt Villines comes back in his first at-bats and goes 1-1 with a BB.  On the hill for game one, starter, Chris Huebner didn't look his normal self giving up 5 ER on 4 hits, 2BB, HBP, and only one K in his three allotted innings.  However, newcomer, David Bodzin (who had a super shaky first outing last week), started to live up to his billing by settling down the Wingnut hitters the rest of the way with a line (4IN, 1R, 0ER, 0hits, 1BB, 1HBP, 5K) to earn the win.  Besides the aforementioned, Jason Christner continues his solid offensive performance by going 2-3, R, 3RBI, 3B. 

By game two, the White Sox were grooving a little easier.  Rookie, Caleb Kelley took the hill and looked solid (3IN, 0R, 0ER, 3hits, 2BB, 3K), but veteran, Matt Mozzoni is continuing to impress on the mound.  Matt was a seldom-show in the past, but has committed to more field time this season and it's a good thing as he is picking up veteran pitching slack for us.  Matt's fastball has excellent pop as witnessed last week but it was the off-speed stuff that was shining today.  Matt's line:  4IN, 1R, 1ER, 2hits, 2BB, 6K and a win.  Offensively, the White Sox scattered things about, but Chris Huebner shook off his mound performance from game one with a line of dueces:  2-2, 2R, 2B.  Tim Hooper had a solid game, 2-4, R, 2RBI, 2B.  I'd like to note that 2nd year player...I do mean this is only his second year EVER playing baseball at age 33...Nick Coe, got his third RBI already this year tripling his output for the whole season last year.  Way to go Nick! --Stephen Boudreaux, White Sox


June 22-23, 2013

White Sox 14  Orioles 9

Orioles 17  White Sox 11

It always seems that hitting out-paces pitching early in the season and this season is no exception considering the gawdy scores being posted after the first two weekends.  The White Sox had a great showing and equal results in the first weekend, but with 7 fewer players this weekend to try and tackle a double-header is a near-impossible task.  Of those 7, five are pitchers.  I felt fairly confident that young starter, Chris Huebner, would give us a solid three innings in game one, but after that, it was a "sight-unseen" wonder.  What we also did not know is what sort of concoction the Orioles were...part Tigers, Appleknockers, VB Hogs, and Rangers at least.  What we did know is that if the Orioles were the best 25% of each of those teams, then they would be a force in the NWAMSBL.  Even though the Sox were without a full squad, it was apparent that the Orioles are serious competition in this league in their "first" season.  Former VB Hogs pitcher, Kyle Cherry started game one for the Orioles and proved to be a menace to parts of the Sox order.  But the meat of the Sox line-up eventually stymied Cherry when his control faltered taking 8 walks and 4 HBPs and ultimately rattling off 12 hits including home runs by Tim Hooper and newcomer, Jason Christner along with a rare double by "The Front Office."  Chris Huebner gets the short-inning win and last season's rare show, Matt Mozzoni, gets the long-inning save with some power pitching that some of us forgot about.  

Game two saw the effects of having only 9 left at the ball park for the White Sox when Tim Hooper had to depart.  New pitcher, David Bodzin, had a manic tough time finding the strike zone, and when he did, the Orioles made him pay giving up 9 runs in the first two frames alone.  Spotting a team 9 makes for a long day trying to even think about a come-back...especially when Bodzin gave up another 6 runs in the 4th before Andy Miller came in to try and salvage anything.  Down 15-6, the Sox did all they could to plate a few more runs before the dreaded "baseball clock" came into play, but it was pretty fruitless.  Given the Sox numbers, I was actually kind of happy with a split.  On the day:  Jason Christner (4-9, 4R, 5RBI, HR, 3@2B, K), Stephen Boudreaux (4-7, 2R, 2B, BB, HBP), Tim Hooper (2-2, 2R, 4RBI, HR, 2B, BB (see why we missed him in game two...), Andy Miller (5-8, 2R, 4RBI, BB)--Stephen Boudreaux, White Sox



June 15-16, 2013

White Sox 16  Red Rockets 3

This has been the strangest off season in my recollection over 18 years in the NWAMSBL.  Normally, the Sox would have a half-dozen practices and as many scrimmage games by the start of the season.  However, with the paltry field availability this year, the first time to get the team on a field since last September was today in our first game against the 18+ Red Rockets.  To make matters even more awkward, I had only SEEN 7 of our 17-man roster in person before today's game.  Kinda hard to get a team ready over the phone and email.  However, our core group that has been together since 2004 had my confidence.  It was the "rookie" group that was the big question mark. With only 12 players able to make today's game, I wanted to get everyone in and see what they could do, so we batted 11 and planned on pitching everyone that could pitch.  Since the two full-time pitchers we recruited in the off-season could not make the game, I chose to start Chris Huebner on the hill.  Chris is somehow still considered a rookie even though he has been with the Sox for 5 years now because he is still under 25.   But he plays every game like a veteran.  Huebner goes a full 9 innings complete game (didn't have the heart to pull him while he was rolling) for the win with a pretty sick line including 14 Ks and giving up only 4 hits, 1BB and an HBP... The Sox offense was alive probably thanks to Phil McClure's rag arm BP in the dark mustering 22 hits led by new-comer, Brad Hughes who literally in a quiet way, went 5 for 5 with 3RBI and a 2B.  The only down-side to the day was the loss of Dustin Wilson in the third who went down with an ankle injury.  Dustin is a critical component to the Sox offense and defense.  Hope the x-rays are negative.--Stephen Boudreaux, White Sox


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