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2011 Standings

as of 9-11-11

Regular Season FINAL


18+ Open Divison MABL

Team W L %
World Gym Team 10 0 1.000
NWACC Eagles 12 5 0.706
Van Buren Hogs 7 10 0.412
Fayetteville Indians 0 14 0.000

25+ Division MSBL

Team W L %
NWA White Sox (1) 12 3 0.800
Fayetteville Yankees (2) 10 5 0.667
NWA Pirates (3) 9 6 0.600
Bentonville Dodgers (4) 9 6 0.600
West Beech Browns (5) 10 7 0.588
FPEC Tigers (6) 10 7 0.588
Siloam Wingnuts (7) 7 9 0.438
Fayetteville Cardinals 5 12 0.294
Springdale Rangers 0 17 0.000


October 2, 2011

Yankees 9  White Sox 11

As if the scheduled playoff weekend rainout was some sort of omen, it set up a perfect storm of a perfect day for the NWAMSBL at AA Royals Affiliate, NWA Naturals Arvest Ball Park in Springdale, AR.  The weather was a perfect 71 degrees at game time and the field was immaculately true to it's form from being named the # 1 professional playing surface in America just last season.  The stage was also set for the top two teams in the 25+ Division to face off for the title.  The surging and well-stocked Fayetteville Yankees had picked up where they left off last season when they dealt the NWA White Sox their only loss in that year and had mounted a seemingly impossible comeback to drop the White Sox again late this season.  It seemed that the Yankees had the White Sox's number despite the White Sox getting the best of the Yankees earlier in the year.  It only seemed perfect that the two teams meet to settle it in the final game. 

The White Sox took the route of starting their young arms in the first four innings to salvage the only pitcher left in the of-age rotation, Mark Taylor, for the final 5 innings.  That was the plan.  Chris Huebner got the start and tossed two solid innings giving up only two runs on a walk to Josh Lane brought in by a double by Roger Hill.  Yankee, Robbie Starner, scored on a series of three errors in the second frame.  Huebner was relieved by Brody Harper who held the third and fourth frames with no runs.  The White Sox answered with 4 runs off Yankee starter, Barry Blood, in the first two innings.  The White Sox continued to rally through the 5th inning eventually knocking Blood out of the game leading 8-2.  Taylor had breezed through the 5th inning, but hit a buzz saw in the 6th where the Yankees mounted a very familiar comeback scoring 7 runs on 5 hits, a walk, an HBP, and two errors by Chris Huebner who had just moved to shortstop.  The inning finally came to an end when Taylor snagged a laser line drive by Blood who looked to draw some in the process. 

So, after 6 innings, the score was knotted at 9 apiece.  From there, both Mark Taylor and Yankee reliever, Jacob Koch settled down for what would prove to be a much longer haul than each would have expected but that both would have welcomed.  Neither team could muster a run through the next 6 innings despite some very near chances that were snuffed out by some stellar defensive gems.  The Yankee defense was highlighted by a nifty lay-out grab by second-baseman, Robbie Starner, and a diving hit-stealing line drive attempt by Barry Blood who had moved to right field.  The White Sox defense was led by a hit-saving effort by right fielder, Andy Carpenter, and the "Web Gem" of the day delivered by shortstop, Chris Huebner whose two grabs in the top of the 12th inning set things up for the day's perfect drama... 

In the bottom of the 12th inning, Stephen Boudreaux finally grounded out to short on an 8-pitch at-bat and it looked as if the game was going drag on to the 13th inning.  However, White Sox player/coach, Patrick Taliaferro slapped a nifty base hit to set up the go-ahead runner for Andy Carpenter. Carpenter struggled last season batting a disappointing .143.  This season, he brought his average up to a respectable .348, but what was curious to his teammates was his lack of game day power that was so evident in the pre-season and at batting practice.  With the one out, a frustrated Boudreaux had just hollered to Carpenter to, "Pick me up!" and then turned to a teammate and said, "Yeah...that Carpenter.  He's due."  On the second pitch of the at-bat, the lefty Carpenter launched a fat fastball over the right field fence at Arvest Ball Park and into the home-side bullpen to execute the 2-run walk-off.  The White Sox leapt from the dugout to celebrate their second consecutive championship.  Carpenter ended the day 2-4, HR, 2RBI, HBP, K.  Other offensive stars for the White Sox included stalwart, Tim Hooper (4-6, RBI, 2B, 2SB, K), Chris Huebner (3-6, R), Patrick Taliaferro (3-6, 2R, 3RBI, 2B).  Mark Taylor earned the win and the Finals MVP Honor with a pitching line:  8in, 7R, 4ER, 7H, 4BB, HBP, 13K.

The Yankees were led by Roger Hill (4-6, R, RBI, 2B), and pitcher Jacob Koch's line was 8in, 5R, 4ER, 10H, 3BB, HBP, HR, 10K.


September 25, 2011


September 25, 2011--2011 White Sox Finish atop the regular season standings with a 12-3 record and advance through the playoffs with a 10-1 win over the West Beech Browns.  White Sox return to AA Naturals Arvest Ball Park on October 2nd to defend title against the Fayetteville Yankees.


Dustin Wilson and Tim Hooper named to the 2011 All Star Team

Patrick Taliaferro and Andy Miller named coaches for 2011 All Star Team



September 11, 2011

White Sox 16  Tigers 1

Tigers 6  White Sox 4


September 4, 2011

White Sox 12  Yankees 13

We figured out during the week why Sean Carson was having an off day last week...torn rotator cuff.  With Garner out with a torn labarum, White gone off to college, Wilson on the pitching DL, Huebner out this week, Rush MIA since game 2, the White Sox were down to Mark Taylor and Brody Harper to handle duties to finish the season along with position players at best.  And the Sox roster down to 11 to finish the season doesn't give many options.  So, the hope is that the offense can outscore their opponents and hope for them to have an off-hitting day.  The Sox were up 11-3 going into the 7th inning (which should have been enough to close out the game, but Taylor wasn't able to overcome the constant barrage of Yankee hits and White Sox miscues.  Andy Miller came in to try and keep the lead, but things just got away.  The game ended when in the bottom of the 9th inning, bases loaded, game tied 12-12 and Andy Miller tried to float an Eephus pitch to one of the Yankees best hitters who drilled the floater into left field for the walk off win.  The White Sox hopes of a repeat are looking very dim if we cannot get some people healthy and/or showing up for games in time for the playoffs..--Stephen Boudreaux, White Sox

August 28, 2011

White Sox 19  Cardinals 4

Cardinals 10   White Sox 22

I had warned our guys that the Cardinals were a surging team and that they were not the same team we faced earlier in the season.  That held true especially in game 2 of the double bill with the score tied 10-10 going into the top of the 5th inning of a 7 inning contest.  White Sox pitcher, Sean Carson, was not having his best day and might have been reeling a bit from the previous weekend's Arklahoma Shootout Tournament.  Carson had come in to relive starter Chris Huebner who only gave up 2 runs and had left the game with a comfortable 9-2 lead.  Carson, however, gave up 8 earned runs in the next two frames to knot the score.  Fortunately for Carson, the White Sox offense came to his rescue pounding out 12 runs in the final two innings.  That got him fired up enough to pitch his way out and even strike out the side in the final frame.  Game one had Mark Taylor on the hill whose line was 6inn, 4R, 2ER, 5H, 3BB, 1HBP, 5K to get the win.  Taylor also had a home run in game 2 to cap a successful day.  Offensively, Lincoln Garner (who cannot play the field or pitch due to a torn labarum) had a great day at the plate with a line of 5-7, 6R, 2RBI, HR, 2BB.  Mike Lopez made an offensive comeback after a drought with a line of 3-5, 4R, RBI, 3BB, SB.  --Stephen Boudreaux, White Sox


August 21, 2011

White Sox place 6th in Arklahoma Shootout Tournament


August 14, 2011

White Sox 17  Rangers 1

Rangers 4  White Sox 24

The weather has finally turned.  Some thought it would never come signifying the "End of Days" or something.  But today, it was a pleasant 84 degrees and breezy with only a few spotted clouds.  Perfect was the adjective uttered by those same naysayers from a week prior.  In game one, the Sox offense was 14-43, 17R, 7RBI, 4@2B, 3BB, 2K. Huebner gets the "W" and Taylor the "save" with a combined line 7inn, 1R, 1H, 6BB, 2HBP, 10K. Welcome back to Mark Taylor who looked solid with what appeared to be a dominant fastball.  The Sox dugout was scratching their collective heads trying to get a gauge on the speed while the Ranger batters couldn't catch up enough to get a word in edgewise.  It had been a year since Taylor took the mound sparingly, so it was a pleasant surprise to see his strength especially after his first inning striking out three straight batters in the heart of the Ranger line-up.  Game Two:  Sox offense line was more efficient at 12-27, 21R, 14RBI, 2@2B, 1HR(the return of Andy Miller), 11BB, 0K. Sean Carson went the distance 5inn, 4R, 3ER, 6H, 2BB, 2HBP, 6K facing only 27 batters.  White Sox offensive leaders on the double header were:  Dustin Wilson (4-7, 4R, 7RBI, 2@2B, 2BB, SB?), Patrick Taliaferro (5-6, 6R, 3RBI, 2B, BB, HBP, SB), and Andy Miller in his return to the line up after being out 7 games (1-1, 3R, 2RBI, 3BB, HR)--Stephen Boudreaux, White Sox 


August 7, 2011

White Sox 16  Browns 11

Even though it was still registering 100+ degrees, it felt a little cooler this day.  6-straight 100+ degree weekends is starting to take its toll.  I think it is also wearing on some folks' patience, too.   But it felt like cooler weather was just around the corner.  But this game was a hot one.  The Browns are a solid new addition to our league and pleasure to compete with.  These guys are all having a great time with the opportunity to play baseball and it shows.  White Sox starter, Lincoln Garner, sputtered before he could get out of the gate only facing three batters plunking the leadoff and walking the next two before leaving with a sore arm.  That put the still short-handed White Sox in a pickle about pitching.  Seth White offered up his arm to eat up some innings to keep Sean Carson from having to toss 9 on the day.  White's line looked respectable by picking off Garner's third base runner, a K, and 6-4 roller to get out of the jam.  The sure-hitting Browns made it interesting through the first 4 innings with a total of 9 runs.  The White Sox hitters did a little damage of their own, though and had the score holding at 10-9 Sox at the end of that frame.  From the 5th inning on, it was a different game.  Sean Carson came in for the Sox and gave up no earned runs striking out 6 batters through 4 innings giving up only three hits.  However, the Browns pushed two runs across on a couple of costly throwing errors putting the score 11-10 Browns in the 6th.  Having seen Browns pitcher Nathan Currier a time through, the White Sox took advantage of his not-up-to-his-standard arm and plated 6 runs in the top of the 8th inning to complete the comeback win.  Led by S. White (2-3, 3R, BB, 2SB), L. Garner (2-4, 3R, 2RBI, BB, K), D. Wilson (3-5, 2R, 4RBI, HR, 2B), T. Hooper (2-4, 2R, 3RBI, 3B, BB, K, SB), S. Boudreaux (2-4, BB), and A. Carpenter (2-4, 2R, 3RBI, BB, K).--Stephen Boudreaux, White Sox



July 31, 2011

The Pirates/White Sox rivalry series dates all the way back to 2003 when both teams were still in the 18+ division so it is a series always anticipated.  What makes the Pirates unique this season is the continuation of their employ of two of the best pitchers the NWAMSBL has ever seen.  A one-two punch that will, in most cases, deliver a knockout to opponents.  Eric Smith and Kelly Sisco are further proof that all lefthanders should have been burned at the stake way back in the 1600's when we had the chance.  That stuff is evil.  But what the White Sox countered with is a one-two punch of their own on the bump.  The game was tight as Dennis mentioned above through the final frame, but it was the craftiness of starting righty, Chris Huebner, and our own evil lefty, Sean Carson that kept the Pirate bats cold allowing only one earned run on the day on scattered hits.  Since the staff only struck out four, that meant the White Sox defense was solid on the day.  Mike Lopez and Tim Hooper stood out in the field.  Receiver, Dave Battaglia was superb behind the dish picking off two Pirates while calling a great game and dropping a bomb over the left center fence. Statistically, S. White (2-4, 2R, 2B, BB), P. Taliaferro (2-4, R), C. Huebner (2-4, 2R, 3RBI. HR, BB), D. Battaglia (2-5, R, 4RBI, HR, K).--Stephen Boudreaux, White Sox 


July 25, 2011

White Sox 1  Dodgers 9

As the White Sox roster numbers dwindled down to 10 for this Sunday's matchup with the Dodgers, it appears that their confidence dwindled as well.  Normally, the White Sox offense is potent enough to overcome most obstacles in the past few years, but today...ugh.  The Sox managed only 8 scattered hits on the day but could not move anyone past second base in part to "hitting it right at 'em" and some very solid defense by the Dodgers infield.  Most especially Troy Steiner who gobbled up 7 assists no matter where they put him at short or third.  The White Sox came to the plate 34 times and only struck out once.  That means defense was getting the job done.  The White Sox pitching staff was flat all day between Garner and Carson.  Neither pitched poorly, but the Dodgers' sure-hitters found holes all over the field tapping 11 hits and stringing them together to be productive.  Statistically, Stephen Boudreaux was 2-3, Seth White was 2-4, R, SB.--Stephen Boudreaux, White Sox


July 18, 2011

Wingnuts 8  White Sox 9
White Sox 12  Wingnuts 10

A solid, close series between these two squads today.  It was pretty good baseball all around on both sides.  The White Sox numbers are dwindling down to 11 on the active roster and I admit I am getting nervous.  It's a good thing that we have some key hitters in the lineup that don't seem to get nervous themselves.  In game one, Lincoln Garner got the start and pitched three innings of great baseball.  Garner faced 12 batters and struck out 8 of them.  Only one run was scored on a snowball fight in the first inning.  Levi Rush finished things off with 4 innings of solid, nasty stuff despite getting into a little trouble in the 5th and 7th ultimately winning the oddest of battles with a cricket player who fouled off about 20 pitches.  Offensive stars in game one included Dave Battaglia (2-3 RBI, 2R, BB), Tim Hooper (3-4, RBI, 3SB, 2R), Patrick Taliaferro (2-3, RBI, 2B), and Andy Carpenter (2-2, 2@2B, BB, RBI).

In game two, the White Sox took control of the game through 6 innings with Sean Carson on the hill pitching a pretty brilliant game giving up three meaningless runs.  In the 7th inning, the Sox, who were short on pitching, gave Andy Carpenter a try.  With the White Sox up 12-3, Carpenter gave up 7 runs in a row on two singles, three walks and an HBP.  Being game, Carson decided to come in and save his own game recording all three outs in the 7th frame.  For the White Sox offense Lincoln Garner (3-4, 3R, 2B, 2RBI, SB), Tim Hooper (3-4, 2R, 2B, 5RBI), Patrick Taliaferro (2-2, 2R).  --Stephen Boudreaux, White Sox



June 26, 2011

Yankees 5  White Sox 16

After the loss of Andy Miller and Levi Rush out for disciplinary reasons and Mark Taylor for the season, the White Sox were down to 12 on the active roster which is alarming because a few will be out of pocket after the holiday break.  This game was what I expected from the Yankees out of the gate.  They put up two quick runs in the first inning on a single, error, and Russ Williams' double to plate the pair.  Sox starter Lincoln Garner struck out Barry Blood and Patrick Taliaferro made a nifty play to assist Garner at first base to end the side.  The White Sox responded with one in the first and one in the second to tie things up.  The game was knotted again at 4-4 into the 5th inning when Seth White plated the go-ahead run on Matt Jacobson's fly to right.  Still a tight game into the 8th inning, the White Sox bats took advantage of tired Yankee pitching highlighted by Mike Lopez adding a little insult to injury with a grand slam in the top of the 8th.  Offensive highlights for the White Sox:  Seth White (3-4, 4R, 2B, BB, 2-SB, RBI, K); Dustin Wilson (3-5, 2R, RBI); Mike Lopez (2-4, 3R, HR (3), HBP, SB, 4RBI, K); Sean Carson (2-2, 2B, 3RBI, BB).  Carson also gets the win on the hill going 4 innings, 5K, 4H, 0BB, and a pickoff. --Stephen Boudreaux, White Sox



June 19, 2011

Cardinals 3  White Sox 22

It's still early in the season and I am sure the pitching will catch up with the hitting as early as the next game week.  The White Sox have been getting some offensive surprises in their first two games.  Notably, veteran little guy, Mike Lopez who has jacked two bombs already this year after what I think he said was, "10 years since his last home run."  One would wonder why he is batting in the 9th position, but I am sure that may change if our coaching staff catches it.  And we may need to replace a potential loss in our 4-hole spot for a while.  Dingers also by Dave Battaglia and rookie, Lincoln Garner in the big ball park in Rogers.  Pitching was the big question mark based on the big loss from last season, but the new staff seems to be holding its own for the moment.  Mark Taylor returns next week and hopefully we can see how he has progressed in the off season.--Stephen Boudreaux, White Sox


June 12, 2011



June 6, 2011

Rangers L  White Sox W

The pre-season was a real concern with the ton of rainfall and lack of field availability keeping the White Sox from gathering as a full team until game one.  Keeping tabs with each other on Facebook or email just doesn't do much for team chemistry, so I was worried.  The bulk of the White Sox were returning from a fun and successful 2010 campaign so it was great to see all the guys and it reminded me why we do this.   The camaraderie transcends the game.   The Sox are looking to find a way to defend their title after losing stalwart pitcher, Evan Neiser, bunt king and RHP, Tom Spaniol, "Mr. Baseball" John Michael Hariston, fireballer, Josh Merryman, and my own son, Nathan Boudreaux.   New guys for 2011 look to be way capable and fit right into the "Sox mold" (or moldy socks?):  Matt Jacobson an MSBL transfer from Indiana, Lincoln Garner from Virginia, and the Perrin brothers, Mike and Lance who were with the Appleknockers last season, and LHP Sean Carson who was on the 2010 roster, but was unable to attend any games.  Garner started the game on the hill and showed his mettle right off the bat allowing 0R on 0H, with only 3BB and 6K in 3 innings.  Sean Carson relieved and went 2 innings, 0R, 0H, 0BB, 5K.

The White Sox offense took its foot off the accelerator after the first inning but the gas kept getting to the engine going a combined line of:  20H, 6@2B,  3HR,  23RBI,  4HBP,  9BB, 3K... a team .625BA.  Only one stolen base in the first inning when the contest was still in question.

The Springdale Rangers are a spin-off team from last years' Yankees squad and they are to be applauded for working to expand the league.  They are in a building mode and were not quite ready come opening day.  At the conclusion of the game, the White Sox (with a roster of 20) offered the Rangers the Perrin brothers and two other quality ball players in the reserve.  There should be some quick improvement.--Stephen Boudreaux, White Sox

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