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October 2, 2016- White Sox fall in Championship Game to X-Tinct 17-5 in Lincoln

September 20, 2015--White Sox fall in Championship Game to X-Tinct at Arvest Ball Park.

Dustin Wilson to Hall of Fame

September 13, 2015--White Sox sweep in the playoffs to earn birth in the 2015 NWAMSBL Championship Game at Arvest Ball Park for fourth time in 6 years!


September 14, 2014--White Sox turn season around from a 1-6 start to 10 straight wins and finish THIRD in league finally losing in the semi-final to the X-Tinct.

Nick Wheeler, Chris Huebner, Keith Nicholson, Brad Hughes are selected to the 2014 All-Star Game.  Mark Taylor selected as alternate.

September 8, 2013-- White Sox sweep Cardinals and Dodgers in playoffs to advance to the 2013 Championship game at Arvest Ball Park!

October 1, 2012.  White Sox finish 3rd in League Play falling to Pirates in the semi-final game.

Seth White, Dustin Wilson, Stephen Boudreaux play in 2012 NWAMSBL All-Star Game.

October 2, 2011--White Sox WIN 2011 Championship.  Repeat
Yankees (2) 9 vs White Sox (1) 11

September 30, 2011--White Sox boss, Stephen Boudreaux, inducted into the MSBL National Hall of Fame

September 25, 2011--2011 White Sox Finish atop the regular season standings with a 12-3 record and advance through the playoffs with a 10-1 win over the West Beech Browns.  White Sox return to AA Naturals Arvest Ball Park on October 2nd to defend title against the Fayetteville Yankees.


Dustin Wilson and Tim Hooper named to the 2011 All Star Team

Patrick Taliaferro and Andy Miller named coaches for 2011 All Star Team



2011 White Sox Finish atop the regular season standings with a 12-3 record and advance through the playoffs with a 10-1 win over the West Beech Browns.  White Sox return to AA Naturals Arvest Ball Park on October 2nd to defend title against the Fayetteville Yankees.


September 26, 2010 (Championships @ Arvest BallPark)
18+ MABL 1:00pmCST
VB Hogs (2) 8 vs NWA Pirates (1) 6
25+ MSBL 4:00pmCST
Dodgers (2) 5 vs White Sox (1) 10
September 18-19, 2010 (25+ Playoffs)
Dodgers (2) 8 Redbirds (7) 3
AppleKnockers (3) 12 Tigers (6) 6
Dodgers (2) 5 AppleKnockers (3) 4
Yankees (5) 4 Cardinals (4) 1
White Sox (1) 13 Yankees (5) 4

White Sox win 2010 Regular Season Top Honors with sweep of second place Dodgers!


White Sox finish 5th in 2010 Arklahoma Shootout.  Play well and get an impressive win over a high-caliber tournament team.

The 2010 White Sox


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NWAMSBL White Sox move up to 25+ Division in 2010.




White Sox drop close game to Cubs in 2008 Championship Game...complete successful season as Runner-Up.


White Sox advance to Championship Game in 2008 playoffs with 8-2 victory over the DiamondBacks!!!


White Sox Place THIRD Overall in final 2007 Standings



White Sox take Second Place in 2007 Arklahoma Shootout on hottest weekend of the year--105


White Sox split with previously undefeated Pirates


White Sox sweep Fayetteville Strikers 12-2 and 12-0 in weekend play.  Pendergist and Crowson throw gems...

White Sox take 2007 season opener series over Athletics:  Bill Pendergist and Andrew Norman get wins...


White Sox place Third overall in 2006


White Sox WIN 2005 Arklahoma Shootout!

Pictures!!!  Pictures!!!

photo by Katherine Filbeck

Jason Wendt wins Arklahoma Shootout MVP (7 1/3 innings, 1ER, 5H, 0BB, 5K, 1 Win, 1 Save)

photo by Katherine Filbeck

White Sox Skipper, Stephen Boudreaux, Re-Elected for a FIFTH Term as League President


The 2004 White Sox


Coach Boudreaux and MSBL President and Founder, Steve Sigler



White Sox take Second Place in 2007 Arklahoma Shootout on hottest weekend of the year--105 !!!


Morning News Articles on NWAMSBL:  Read Them! Article One, Article Two


NWAMSBL "Day at Baum Stadium" was Saturday, March 10, 2007 during the University of Arkansas vs University of Kansas baseball game.


NWAMSBL Tigers Players go to the World Series--Win 48+ Central Championship

I wanted you to know that Don McFarland, and I were recruited to play on the team with whom Marvin Undernehr and Alan Davison, and Bill Snowden played for the last two years, known as the Austin Express out of TX.  Well, after 10 hard fought games in a six day schedule, the Austin Express won the 48+ central division World Series.  Stephen, as Alan Davison was absent this year due to his mother's passing that week, he just knew that this would be the year the team would bring it home.  It was truly everything that a player could expect and more epitomizing one's baseball winning the CWS, except 25 years later

--Robert Coffin, MSBL Tigers



Arkansas Black Sox have successful trip to OKC Memorial Day Tournament despite record.
OKC was a great experience for our team as a whole. We went 1-2 but it hardly tells the whole story. The facilities were very nice and very well kept. Hotel was so-so but we didn't spend much time there. We defeated the OK Indians in the first game 7-6 on Saturday then played the OK Ameristars (host team) and were beat 6-3. OK Ameristars are a very solid club but there is was a little controversy regarding a former professional player. The umpire crew was not so great. [normal umpires were in short supply due to a local umpire strike]. Our guys played with a lot of heart and put everything they had on the field Saturday. Our pitching staff did a superb job and defense was excellent too. I think that on Sunday we were so spent from the day before that we didn't have anything left. We couldn't get the bats going and our pitching was below par. The opponents (New Mexico) were no better than the first team we beat but they simply executed defensively and played fundamentally sound baseball. They were just the better team that day but they did hand us a lopsided beating 14-0. But for our team as a whole the best thing we took from the tournament was what we needed most, team unification. We gelled a lot over the weekend and for a young team I believe that made the weekend a bigger success than any victory.
The Black Sox would like to extend a very special thank-you to Eric Smith (NWA Pirates) and Matt Smith for accompanying us to the Memorial Day Classic. Both gentlemen contributed greatly offensively and defensively over the course of the weekend. Though Matt had to travel back to Arkansas Saturday night he did a great job on the field and helped save arms needed for the match up against New Mexico on Sunday. Eric did a great job on the mound against the Ameristars on Saturday holding them to 3 runs through 4 stellar innings of pitching and through the pain of a sore elbow made a great play from left field throwing out an advancing runner to third base.--Danny Dodge, Black Sox (edit, Boudreaux)
Congratulations, Black Sox, on representing NWAMSBL.

NWAMSBL Featured in the Morning News of NWA April 5, 2006 Click Here


NWAMSBL Day at Baum Stadium at the University of Arkansas -- Saturday February 25th, 2006

NWMSBL President Stephen Boudreaux threw out the first pitch during opening weekend versus LA. Tech.  It was great exposure for the NWAMSBL and a lot of fun to boot.  Brandon Barr, a member of the NWAMSBL White Sox, was the catcher of record for the pitch.  Brandon is a sophomore catcher for the Razorback Baseball team.  Congratulations, Brandon, for making the roster and for putting up with my knuckleball!


NWAMSBL President, Stephen Boudreaux, named to MSBL National Honor Roll in the Holiday, 2005 issue of Hardball Magazine.


October 2005--A little note from Eric Exner from Phoenix--"Just wanted to give you a World Series update from my trip to Arizona.  I played in the 38+ Continental/Federal Division for the Pacific Coast Breakers.  We finished at 7-1-1, and won the Championship with a 12-5 win over the Austin Capitals.  Our second Championship in a row.  During the week I caught 8 games (I actually got 3 innings off on Thursday)  and pitched a complete game victory on Tuesday.  Did ok at the plate, only one extra base hit, a double in the Championship game, but did well enough to get named Tournament MVP.  So, all in all, a fun week, I am tired and sore, but I have plenty of time to recuperate"--Eric

Congratulations, Eric!


October 2005--Jason Wendt of the NWAMSBL White Sox pitches 9-inning complete game shutout for the Arkansas Shadows of the CAMABL in the Phoenix World Series today (Oct 20) beating a team from Chicago, Illinois 8-0.  nice work, Jason!


2005 ARKLAHOMA SHOOTOUT RESULTS White Sox take title...


Evan Press' on NWAMSBL Elder Statesmen 2005


White Sox snatch 2004 MABL title from Cardinals and whisk bragging rights away from Reds in the MABL/MSBL Exhibition


It was a Great Day for Baseball III--Cookout Series 2004

It was a Great Day for Baseball II--Cookout Series 2003

It was a Great Day for Baseball I--Cookout Series 2002




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